The Spoils Of War

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If it's any of these cels, in addition to: Evangelion, Deathnote, or Claymore, Hit me up!
If your cel is displayed on here and you would like me to take it
down, let me know and I will promptly remove it...Thanks 0_o

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
DragonBall Z
Blast High
Old school Vegeta High
Sick Scene! High
*GRANTED* Always wanted this Rei, I will find her some day Will Give Kidney
Intense Very High
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Will Give Kidney
Nabari No Ou
*GRANTED The Devil Incarne Very High
I'll make your wish come true High
Rurouni Kenshin
... Will Give Kidney
Battousai Will Give Kidney
Dart Will Give Kidney
If it's Battousai, I want it Will Give Kidney
Simply Amazing Will Give Kidney
So..Who needs a Kidney? Will Give Kidney
Blue Very High
Damn Very High
OVA High
Yu Yu Hakusho
8 Finalists Will Give Kidney
Bang. Cel or Douga wanted! Will Give Kidney
Gotta Love the lighting Will Give Kidney
The Darkness Flame technique Will Give Kidney
Anything Yoko Very High
Can't kill him...again Very High
Epic Battle in the last Season Very High
Prepare for Death Very High
Spirit Gun! Very High
Yoko Kurama Very High
Yoko stare Very High
Agony High
Hiei. High
Yoko. High
Hiei Medium

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